All payments made to TAJIC should be done in the following accounts.

1) Bank: SCB

Account number: 00040-90001029112-85

Account name: Ets TAJIC

2) Bank: Business and career Microfinance BCM

Account name: TAJIC LTD:
Account number = 04-51836-000007

3) Bank: Nofia

Account name: TAJIC LTD
Account number: 06002605-37221

4) Bank: CCA

Account name: TAJIC SARL
Account number: 10026 00262466101 26

5) Bank: Mmockmbie credit union cooperative

Account name: TAJIC LTD
Account number: 300454

6) Bank SGC
Account Number: 1003- 01000- 06101100960 -22

Once you deposit your payment to any of these accounts, bring the receipt to any of our offices.