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We help you travel without struggles

We understand how tedious and challenging it can be to handle the travel process abroad. That is why our consultants are here to provide you with the assistance that you need to follow up your travel procedure and obtain your visa without having to worry.

At TAJIC, our network of passionate travels and jobs consultants follow-up your documents and ensure that no errors are made.

TAJIC is different from the many other agencies out there who operate illegally and end up wasting their clients’ money.

TAJIC is a legally authorised travel consulting agencies that have helped more than 10 000 people travel to 70 + countries and we have been doing so for 10 years. We serve you at our well-established offices in various towns of Cameroon, Nigeria, among others.

TAJIC have secured partnerships with many foreign universities and companies. 

Our offices are spread across the globe where our clients receive travel consultation, mounting of travel documents, visas, job offers abroad, among others.

We handle all your travel arrangements, documentation and visas to USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Bahrain, Turkey, Maldives, Cyprus, Schengen, UAE, Dubai, and more.

We have made the dreams of thousands come true, yours too is possible.

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Career Orientation and Development

Business Development

Visa assistance

Study and Work Abroad Consultancy

Admission into Foreign Universities

Mounting of Business and Travel Documents

Sale of Flight Tickets

Hotel Reservations

Tourism in Cameroon

Our Offices

We have more than 15 TAJIC offices spread over Cameroon, Nigeria and Dubai. In addition, we also have partner offices in America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Get your visa and travel legally

We focus on helping you obtain your travel documents legally. 

Our consultants carefully do this to avoid any embarrassments.

Each travel opportunity that we give you has been carefully verified by our representatives in the countries that you are travelling to.

Travel with full confidence

We promote transparency in our company so that you can follow up the entire process of your travel documents and arrangements.

We keep you updated with any tiny detail important for your travel.

The education, jobs, tourism and business opportunities that we provide you are legit and have been carefully checked.

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